Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy, busy weekend,

Let's see, Relay for Life followed by a Confirmation lock-in...yeah about a total of eight hours of sleep.

So, I got picked up at school early and headed over to the high school with my dad, and Alex. The theme this year was cities and ours was Sydney, Australia. We wore tye-dyed blue shirts and hula skirts (Well at least most of the boys did). Our hand-painted backdrop was the Opera house and the Great Barrier Reef. There was even facts hung everywhere. (Who knew there was a famous 'Chinese' garden in Australia? I didn't.) We sold meatball subs, vegetarian chili, and lots and lost of coffee.

There was a Miss Universe pageant, which was just for the boys, oh excuse me, the ladies. There was a Sassy Suzie, Scrumptious, and Chrissy Poo present. They were all dressed in dresses, some a little too short. Some even wore heels. There was a talent portion, which was hilarious. One contestant sang "A Whole New World" and another did gymnastic stunts in short shorts, which permanently scared me for life. Scrumptious took home the tiara. There was a scavenger hunt, which we needed a digital camera for. But instead of finding things, we had to take pictures doing things.
-Find a tight place (We squeezed Celia in between a locked fence.)
-Strike a dance pose
-Build a pyramid
-Spell out a word with your bodies (I was part of the 'o' in joy.)
Just stuff like that. We ended up getting all the points:)

Oh, did I mention I walked 14 miles, which totaled 56 laps? Yup, it caused me soar feet, aching calves, and a pulled quadricep in my thigh. But I did feel accomplished and it caused me some bragging rights.

So, after Relay ended Alex and I went home and slept for a few hours, then got packed and showered for the Confirmation Lock-in. Since, we are getting confirmed next Sunday and nobody likes taking the hour-long classes, Linda had a lock-in at church to learn everything.

So, we started off learning basic facts about Confirmation and parts of the church. (I know everything; from the credence to a purificactor. Point it out and I'll know it.) Then, we went to the beach to watch the sunset and learn different ways to pray. And then, we noticed a group of men (only men) singing in a circle, which caused Ronny to go check it out. So, he comes back saying it's an AA meeting and so we're like okayyyy. Then, Alex and Celia go check it out and come back saying it's "a Brother's of Christ" meeting. So, we're like oh, that's nice. Then, we hear worship songs being sung and we can't help it and we go join them. We all start singing and it's so amazing:) My personal favorite.

We did more stuff and learn more stuff and end our day at 11 something. At that time I was running on empty. I think I got about six hours of sleep because Ronny breathed weird and I had to wake up at 7 am.

So, we all sat in the front pew and started naming things in the church. It went something like this:
Ronny: Oh, he's pulling the wine out of the ambre.
Me: Which is above the credence, but below the Sanctuary light...
Ronny: In the Sanctuary.
After the service, we were taught 2,000 years of church history in about 45 minutes:)
I'm actually excited about getting Confirmed. YAY!

Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. -Psalm 136:2